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Top 10 Change Management Consulting/Service Companies in Europe - 2019

Change management focuses on people, and it is about ensuring any change is thoroughly, smoothly and lastingly implemented in an organisation. It provides conceptual scaffolding for employees, the process, and also for the organisation implementing the change. In today’s rapidly changing market dynamics, proactive management of change to optimise future adaptability is a more creative way of dealing with the dynamism of industrial transformation. Organisational change management also requires an emphasis on planning and employee training. Most of the changes that businesses encounter today involve new technologies or communication systems. Project managers need to ensure that employees are continually trained in any new technologies that will be required to use for their business to remain current with modern industry practices.

Change at the structural level of a company may often lead to the creation of new departments or teams that focus on new business priorities. In most cases, change may require the consolidation or elimination of existing departments. In either case, the workforce has to face the prospect of significant disruption of their work responsibilities. To address this issue, organisational change managers must focus on the ways that enable restructuring without encouraging excess stress on employees.

This edition of HR Tech Outlook features companies such as Faculta, Tamahris and MenschWert Consulting that are at the forefront in offering agile change management services. HR Tech Outlook’s editorial board has assessed and shortlisted some of the most prominent organisations in the industry that solve challenges by implementing the current trends in the space. Through this special edition, we present to you Top 10 Change Management Service Providers in Europe 2019.

    Top Change Management Consulting Companies in Europe

  • Faculta enables its clients to comprehend the value of change management and formulate strategies to ensure the successful implementation of change initiatives within organizations. With its successful partnership with PROSCI, the company helps its clients become more successful by turning change into a competitive edge. They facilitate programs for all job roles within the organization, including executives, managers, project managers, and employees. They alsoform change practitioners, responsible of designing and implementing successful change programs. With its widespread outreach across several locations, the company is steering ahead to consolidate its position in the change management arena while focusing on the significance of the human side of change to benefit organizations on the whole

  • A change management consultancy that drives the digital transformation by fostering collaboration and raising the ownership and responsibility of each employee, develop new skills and utilising the learning ability. Organisational development that improves corporate awareness, and helps organisations establish their corporate identity. One of the top change management service companies, MenschWert’s “human value” change management services focus on strengthening collaboration and ownership and therefore includes (the articulation of) vision and guiding principles,leadership and personnel development as well as agile transformation, especially in the fields of HR, recruiting and talent management, business performance, post-merger integration, and innovation management

  • Specialized in implementation of technologies for Integrated Talent Management, Tamahris delivers end-to-end services starting from business analysis to implementation and change management. The company brings extensive experience in supporting HR change & transformation projects for large multinational organizations. Also, since learning and development (L&D) remains one of the key people processes that demands serious attention from organizations, Tamahris greatly emphasizes on L&D simultaneously, so as to bring more strategic changes that can drive business success

  • When management capacity is scarce and know-how helps to steer the right path faster THREE60 ° supports companies in the maritime SME sector to achieve the entrepreneurial goals faster and better through. With THREE60 ° the transfer into practice is ensured by many years of experience in operational management functions in very different companies and different change processes, assumption of implementation as interim manager, and demand-oriented accompaniment of executives in the implementation

  • Birn+Partners


    Located in 9 countries, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, Baltics, APAC Birn+Partners London is a privately held company specialized in four key areas: Executive Search, Onboarding, Assessment & Development, and Career Advisory. The company offers Headhunting, Career Advisory, Onboarding, Assessment & Development, Organizational Leadership, Executive Search, Consulting, and Boardgovernance. With more than fifty consultants across Europe, they are powerful in delivering international cross-border services that transcend nation-state borders. Their aim is to grow and develop a European based company into a global consultancy, by offering Executive Search, Consulting, and Leadership Training services

  • strum&strum


    sturm&sturm is a change management diagnostic and solutions company. sturm&sturm deals with current economic and social issues that present their clients with new or potential challenges in the future. The company's strength lies in the transparent structuring of complex topics and the development of solutions to best prepare their clients for changes and to support their implementation. sturm&sturm combines their consulting expertise with insights from science, in particular, the social sciences, which deals intensively with social developments and their effects. The client's requirements are always their center of attention

  • Communication Team

    Communication Team

    For more than 25 years Communication Team has been supporting its clients in medium-sized companies and industry across all industries in international projects. As a consulting company, they accompany their clients in change initiatives. Services provided by the company are business coaching, training and education, project management, and management consulting. The customers of Communication Team Munich are BMW Group, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Chain Print, Bosch, Alcatel, Calvendo, and Visteon. In the last 25 years, they have gained extensive experience in initiating, implementing, and institutionalizing optimization and efficiency gains in (inter-) national projects

  • humanuniverz


    HUMAN UNIVERZ is an international consulting company that offers a holistic and successful approach to transform and change processes. The company is a Prosci Authorized Training Provider and provides a wide range of services that help our customers to fulfill changes in a successful manner. HUMAN UNIVERZ is thought of as the Scandinavia Center of Prosci ADKAR Model excellence, and its customers see us as the preferred change management partner in Scandinavia. The company’s approach is based on best practices, and they use valuable and straightforward methods. HUMAN UNIVERZ has the most conscious approach to change

  • Husson Consult

    Husson Consult

    Husson Consult manages organizational change and transformation in the matrix. The transformation services provided by the Husson Consult are Organizational Restructuring, Post Merger Integration, Process & IT-Driven Change, Strategic Workforce Planning, Succession Planning & Individual Development Processes, and HR & People Strategy Deployment. The company is working with relevant stakeholders in the organization; they can take on the role of designer, facilitator or manager to deliver targeted consulting assistance within different service areas. The Strategic Workforce Planning (SWP) of the company sets the strategic direction for ensuring the right capabilities and the right capacity in the right place at the right time



    SILFRA Consulting specializes in implementing strategic changes related to business transformation, digitalization, organization, and process efficiency building. The company ensures expected adoption and usage of the new technological and organizational solutions by all employees. SILFRA Consulting is a member of the BPI Group - International HR & Management Consulting company and of PROSCI Inc. – the USA-based global leader in change management whose methodology is applied by 80% of Fortune 100 companies. For over 20 years, their experts have been working for major organizations in Poland and Europe, offering strategic and implementation consultancy, capability building, training, and mentoring