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Arne Wölper, Managing Director, THREE60°Arne Wölper, Managing Director
“Change management is not about making employee feel good or adopting latest change management theories, but it is about performing changes efficiently with best results for the company – however, key factor for successful change is the employee,” begins Arne Wölper, Managing Director at THREE60°. “Therefore, at the core, change management programs should be designed to motivate people to be more enthusiastic and to change resistance into commitment. Best, people should become an intrinsic part of the change management journey, aligning themselves with the company’s goals.” Driven by this vision, Wölper believes that it is a mistake to attribute change management as a prerogative of HR or middle-level managers. Change management is not project management! On the contrary, “business leaders should lead these programs from the front,” he says. However, given the limited time and resources that leaders have, executing plans to perfection becomes daunting. This is where THREE60° enters the picture.

The leadership at THREE60° has decades of experience as senior executives and interim managers, handling critical operations and executing many change programs with marked precision. Unsurprisingly, the company’s motto reads, “change in practice, not just in theory.” With such a mindset, THREE60° engages its clients at the eyes level and fully understands the needs of every individual—from the C-level executive to the work floor associate. The company analyzes its requirements comprehensively and develops practical measures to perform change management tasks successfully. “Beyond one-time execution, we strive for sustainable changes. Therefore, we support the change from planning to implementation in the company’s DNA,” says Wölper.
Although the consulting industry reinvents itself by building new solutions every few years, “it is just the old wine in a new bottle,” informs Wölper. To that end, THREE60° relies on effective solutions to drive the speed and value of their services. Specifically, the company leverages ActeeChange because of its effectiveness in sparring, analysis, and manager training. Team THREE60° not only engages leaders to improve their decision making but also works with middle-level managers and the staff to explain to them various change management theories and derive concrete measures for augmenting employee performance.

Shortly after a theoretical introduction to change management, THREE60° immediately moves into practical applications because, at the very end, the change done efficiently in a short time with good results is what matters. The kickoff seminars are followed by analysis where THREE60° assesses the change performance together with the key player by placing stakeholders and projects on the ActeeChange board. “Although it can be done in the computer, I prefer the floor or sparring boards because of the haptic experience,” says Wölper. The company involves an interdisciplinary team of its clients to build a common vision of the future at the organizational level. Such an approach helps teams comprehend the reasons behind resistance and inefficiencies in change management. “They also learn what practical measures are needed to get the right stakeholders in the boat and carry on with their efforts,” he adds.

THREE60°’s collaboration with companies in the maritime industry stands as a testimony to its impeccable service delivery. A shipping and cruise business was on the verge of a decline in restructuring ship procurement and maintaining organizational growth. THREE60° developed a concept for the organization and initiated the recruitment. It then restructured the strategically important procurement process. Also, THREE60° could easily pivot cost accounting in the nautical-technical area as the basis for the operational cost optimization.

Moving forward, THREE60° is seeking to assist different industries. The company will continue to help clients enhance their productivity and meet the evolving demands of their customers.
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Pinneberg, Germany

Arne Wölper, Managing Director

When management capacity is scarce and know-how helps to steer the right path faster THREE60 ° supports companies in the maritime SME sector to achieve the entrepreneurial goals faster and better through. With THREE60 ° the transfer into practice is ensured by many years of experience in operational management functions in very different companies and different change processes, assumption of implementation as interim manager, and demand-oriented accompaniment of executives in the implementation