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Top 5 Change Management Solution Companies in UK - 2020

Change is never easy. Especially in the context of business, as it affects a lot of interlinked operations and processes. In order to ensure a smooth transition from the current state to the desired shape of business, an organization must have the appropriate and apposite change management tools and resources at hand.

A useful change management software enables companies to structure and monitor processes to identify opportunities, devise plans for software implementation, optimize auditing, manage assets and resources, and manage communications as well. Change management also involves IT management challenges connected to digitization. Companies also need to create a customer-centric and omnichannel infrastructure that can quickly address disruptions, improve customer service, and automate training.

When an organization needs to swiftly adopt novel processes or technologies to deliver meaningful results on critical projects in a change-saturated environment; or pivot to a business model, it needs efficient change management solutions or organizations that deliver these solutions. Customers and employees demand high-quality, personalized, digital experiences. The right partner truly makes a difference when it comes to delivering on such a promise.

Staying abreast of all recent developments across the industry, an eminent panel comprising industry experts and the editorial board of HR Tech Outlook has compiled a list of ‘Top 5 Change Management Solution Providers’ to showcase the latest noteworthy advances throughout the UK market space. We hope this edition will help you build productive partnerships that will spur innovation and growth in your organization by utilizing innovative change management solutions.

We present to you HR Tech Outlook’s “Top 5 Change Management Solution Providers in UK - 2020.”

    Top Change Management Solution Companies in UK

  • A passionate HR and project management consultancy supporting clients through Cornerstone’s Unified Talent Management Solution and Agresso implementations. Working with business and technical stakeholders, and project teams to shape, govern and support their transformational change

  • Proteus


    Providing total confidence that critical initiatives will deliver the best possible outcome, whether that is a whole organisational change portfolio, delivering business-critical initiatives or recovering key initiatives

  • Rialto


    Integrates unique frameworks and AI Consulting methods to accelerate the evolution of new business models and leadership mindsets which secure more endorsed, quicker, viable business outcomes for the new digital world

  • The Change Maker Group

    The Change Maker Group

    The Change Maker Group is a diverse collective of change experts who share an approach and passion for enabling your organisation to succeed. Change is what we do and why we choose to work together.What makes our approach both unique and valuable is our commitment to creating change makers within your organisation. Change will continue long after we have completed our experiential work, driven by change makers inside your organisation and underpinned by a culture of change. Clients enjoy working with our positive attitude, our new and sometimes edgy ideas, our inspiration, pragmatism, integrity and above all, our desire to make change fun

  • TORI Global

    TORI Global

    Brings deep expertise and wide experience across the banking, wealth management and insurance sectors