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Top 10 Change Management Consulting/Service Companies in Europe - 2020

While responding to varying degrees of organizational changes, companies use change management tools to make the process as smooth and seamless as possible for employees, and customers. Moreover, just as there are different kinds of organizational change, there are several different types of change management tools as well. That makes change management challenging, as different types of organizational changes demand a variety of change management tools that need to be addressed specifically to successfully implement a company-wide transition.

In today’s rapidly changing market dynamics, tactful management of change to optimise future adaptability is a relatively more innovative way of dealing with the giant leaps of industrial transformation. Therefore, to employ a discerning change throughout the company, organisational change management also calls for an emphasis on planning and employee training. Most of the changes that businesses encounter today involve novel technologies or highly advanced communication systems. Project managers need to ensure that employees are continually trained in new technologies required for their business to be on par with modern industry practices.

Against this backdrop, to facilitate seamless organizational transformation without a hitch, a distinguished panel of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, and analysts and the editorial board of HR Tech Outlook have selected the leading change management solution providers to help CIOs partner with the right organization. We present to you HR Tech Outlook’s “Top 10 Change Management Consulting/Service Companies in Europe - 2020.”

    Top Change Management Consulting/Service Companies in Europe

  • SEE Management Consulting AB is a consulting company that helps businesses and their employees to see and realize the need for change and creates desire and ability to do the same. SEE Management Consulting’s offerings focus on two aspects—change management consulting and online training programs. Through its winning change management strategies, SEE Management Consulting helps managers take in suggestions or feedback from their colleagues and clients on the areas of improvement and then prioritise their tasks and goals to start working on them. Managers, co-workers, and change managers or process developers benefit from SEE Management Consulting’s “The Gamechanger” strategy

  • When management capacity is scarce and know-how helps to steer the right path faster THREE60 ° supports companies in the maritime SME sector to achieve the entrepreneurial goals faster and better through. With THREE60 ° the transfer into practice is ensured by many years of experience in operational management functions in very different companies and different change processes, assumption of implementation as interim manager, and demand-oriented accompaniment of executives in the implementation

  • Commitment


    Commitment has a comprehensive and practical approach to talent management. We pull together strategies, processes and activities to systematically manage an organisation’s talent. We bring our deep, broad and fresh experience to the table, to ensure a successful and sustainable talent management plan

  • ConvictionsRH


    A firm specializing in Management and Organization consulting, expert in HR and Digital Transformation, we intervene at key moments in the life of companies and structures that we support in their strategic, organizational, digital, cultural and human transformation. For 10 years, our in-depth knowledge of public and private organizations has enabled us to analyze transformation issues from the right angle and to issue tailor-made recommendations



    Expertise of more than 15 years in Business Improvement, collaborating with various industries and business functions in excellence building through knowledge and skill empowerment has enabled us to create and identify new Excellence models and strategies that aim to support our clients in enhancing business performances, ultimately to achieve their business goals and thrive in the 4th Industrial Revolution



    LC GLOBAL® leads national and international organizations through crucial change and innovation processes. With offices in New York City and Munich, Germany we help organizations reach true excellence. In a unique change management process, we inspire stakeholders across functions to co-create the future of their own organization along with new markets and opportunities. The LC in our name stands for Leadership & Change. Our mission is to co-create vibrant organizations that lead with integrity, insight and a desire to impact our society in a positive way

  • MenschWert Consulting

    MenschWert Consulting

    Organizations are living systems that build, develop, transform and dismantle in order to draw new strength for growth and innovation. We combine agility, flexibility and productivity with professional and personal skills. We accompany you in every phase in order to closely link your organizational issues with your corporate goals. Our in-depth and holistic consulting approach can be measured by the success of your economic indicators

  • MTI


    Helps companies to implement their corporate objectives successfully and efficiently, by concentrating on the staff´s knowledge and skills - the most important asset of a company

  • Publicone


    Public One is one of Germany’s leading management consultants to specialise in providing advice and accompany public organisations , social-profit organisations and policy makers. We work together with people in organisations and areas of policy who are looking for fresh ways and new objectives. We help organisations to avoid giving the existing routines rule status

  • Zenit


    Guiding organizations towards better results by increasing motivation, involvement, creativity and productivity