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Michael Halling, CEO, VitroMichael Halling, CEO
In a similar way, organizations, throughout their journey in 2020, have evolved and adapted to new technologies and trends in the most efficient manner. Today, the rate of change is significantly greater due to Covid-19 global pandemic. Organizations have to quickly make decisions in the face of changing requirements. To bring about a successful change, they need to think culturally, expect detailed preparation and planning, perform quick tactical business simulation tests, and deliver rapid execution, all whilst maintaining forward momentum with a clear sponsor lead communication story. This story should be made relevant to their employees, consumers, services or products and it may change the market and impact their competitors. As a collaborative HR and systems consulting company, Vitro finds the most suitable change management roadmap for each client by understanding their strengths, propositions and the measurements of success they are seeking. “We use canvas modelling to create collaboration and build strong relationships with our clients to create the agile journey required,” says Michael Halling, CEO of Vitro.

Vitro uses advisory services to understand a client’s ambition, discuss and share best practice whilst developing a joint vision. Vitro also specializes in the governance and delivery of HR transformations in conjunction with Cornerstone’s Unified Talent Management Solution. “We offer complimentary advisory and tactical services such as Cornerstone Functional Consultants, Technical Consultants, Outsourced Administrators, and highly experienced programme and project managers,” says Halling. Vitro supports local, regional and global rollouts with re-useable deployment toolkits, training, and change management support. Post deployment, Vitro assists with Cornerstone’s quarterly releases, continual improvement and platform and process optimizations ensuring client’s investment return is maintained. Vitro’s transformation skills are shared through transparent collaboration and managed by regular defined check points.

We use canvas modelling and build strong relationships with our clients to create the agile journey required

“Our methodology follows a traditional route of process alignment, discovery and design, prototyping, technical integrations and testing. We help stress test the transformation through business simulations, working and re-working until the product or service is fit for purpose. A purpose, sometimes changed in flight to recognises new benefits and fresh ideas,” adds Halling.

Vitro was founded in 2012 and has had the pleasure of supporting clients in the public and private sector, from local government, education to financial services, retail, hospitality and global manufacturing ever since. “We help to throwing light where it’s needed to achieve success,” says Halling. Founded on a basis of successful programme management and business adoption, Vitro’s unique view is its focus on client retentions built from a foundation of trust and loyalty. The company’s flexibility to find the right approach for each client has been gained by working with diverse clients, appreciating strategic ambitions, whilst maintaining shared knowledge and a commercial focus. Vitro understand that clients need to create an atmosphere for adoption to and grow and achieve that ambition through change. “Vitro helps build a relevant strategy with clients from communication through to launch,” says Halling. In one of the client implementations, Halling says that Vitro worked with a local government service to ensure they had adequately trained and certified resources available for emergency situations through the introduction of a mobile-ready skills matrix platform. The need to confirm certified professionals during an emergency call out service is imperative for saving lives. Vitro understood the ambition and collaborated with a technology partner to deploy a fit for purpose traffic light platform within six months. The success of the partnership enabled the local government service to seek a best in class e-learning shortlist award for making an impact.

Vitro continues to support clients on transformational journeys. The Vitro services is consistently growing through internal development and confident service advice. Looking forward to 2021, the company is working on a number of global and local change management initiatives from RFP to launch adoption. Two of these focus heavily within the talent acquisition space, content and learning management space.
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Michael Halling, CEO and Steven Kilberg, CFO

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