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Arne Wölper, Managing Director, THREE60°Arne Wölper, Managing Director
French writer Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr said it best:

“The more things change, the more they remain the same.”

His insightful words also reflect the present scenario of change management in most enterprises. In this fast-moving competitive era, despite change becoming inevitable and imperative at an organisational level, more than 70 percent change initiatives fail.

While change management has different connotations, according to Arne Wölper, Managing Director THREE60°, it’s not about making employees feel good or employing the latest technologies. He views change management as the ability to perform changes efficiently that translates into best results for the organisation. Keeping employees at the core of this change, he observes that change management programs must be designed to motivate people and turn their resistance into commitment.

This is where THREE60° is moving the needle. Whether realigning the organisation, building a new organisation, introducing new technologies & lean management or having to cope with crises--THREE60° offers consulting services and its rich expertise to navigate companies through these change processes and help them with interim and crisis management as well as change management.

With decades of experience in the field, the company deploys change management to motivate employees to be more enthusiastic towards change, which in turn yields better results. This way, the people become an intrinsic part of the change. Arne Wölper, the Managing Director of THREE600 says, “Equating change management with project management is a mistake, as it is not a prerogative of HR to mediate.” While he believes that business leaders must spearhead these programs, limited time and resources make this difficult; and THREE600 seamlessly steps in to address this challenge.

Equating change management with project management is a mistake, as it is not a prerogative of HR to mediate

Management and balancing the change are active implementers in the operations of THREE600. The former aspect revolves around developing the best strategies, formulating and implementing the designed plan, and establishing interim management, which deals with avoidance of delays. The latter, however, looks to create an atmosphere of change, engages and enables the entire organisation, and works towards sustaining the change.

THREE600 intends to bring about the best corporate results through seamless organisational structures. The company’s “Expedition Leaders” are committed to providing consultancy, mitigating crises and formulating pragmatic and focused change management solutions. They have embodied diversity by catering to the organisational demands of several firms across sectors and industries, be it realigning business structures or building an organisation from ground-up, THREE600 can effectively undertake the process.

The company is the best at what it does, as it thoroughly engages with the clients and comprehends the needs of every individual, before forming solutions or adopting practical measures to execute change management techniques successfully. The team works towards sustainable changes and thus strives to plant their tasks in the company’s DNA. It relies heavily on creating effective solutions to drive it idea and value of the services home.

The motto “change is practice, not just theory” reflects in its day-to-day operations, as professionals and experts at THREE600 comprise of an interdisciplinary team with a common vision of excellence and service. The company has conceived a concept, ActeeChange that fosters a common understanding or changes via communication. The tool can also be used in presenting change process theories in easily comprehendible visuals, which adheres to practices that are specific to each company.

Aiming at assisting a multitude of industries, THREE600 strives to continue helping its clients enhance productivity and meet the diverse demands of their customer base.
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Pinneberg, Germany

Arne Wölper, Managing Director

When management capacity is scarce and know-how helps to steer the right path faster THREE60 ° supports companies in the maritime SME sector to achieve the entrepreneurial goals faster and better through. With THREE60 ° the transfer into practice is ensured by many years of experience in operational management functions in very different companies and different change processes, assumption of implementation as interim manager, and demand-oriented accompaniment of executives in the implementation