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Roberto Konigs, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, FacultaRoberto Konigs, Co-Founder and Managing Partner
“We believe that in a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) world, change management is a critical organizational capability that drives agility and improves the overall efficiency of the company,” states Roberto Konigs, the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Faculta. Faculta, a change management specialist, harnesses the large knowledge framework repository of PROSCI—the worldwide leader in change management best practices research—to develop change management as a core competency for its clients. With their primary focus on enhancing internal organizational capabilities, Faculta drives agility, assists in enhancing project success rates, and improves overall efficiency to provide a competitive edge to its clients.

PROSCI plays a significant role in rendering change management as a discipline as well as a profession. With its ADKAR® Model, PROSCI offers an individual change management model to organizations, which blends with a unique organizational methodology, to drive successful individual transitions and project results.

With a close collaboration with PROSCI, Faculta offers the following services:

On the one hand, Faculta provides training and mentoring programs.

Individuals within an organization can be formed as Change Practitioners through the most sought-after certification program available world-wide. Change practitioners become the designers and implementers of effective change programs.

Faculta also offers role based training for different employee categories, including executives, managers, project managers, and employees.

We believe that in a volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA) world, change management is a critical organizations capability that drives organizational agility and makes companies more successful

These programs are aimed at creating an “Ecosystem” that drives successful change initiatives, where everyone in the organization understands their role as change agents, and performs it accordingly. This reinforces the comprehension of the value that Change Management has in delivering the people dependant ROI of change projects.

Mentoring programs are designed to turn the knowledge acquired during the training sessions into ability, this is, into demonstrated behaviours that support successful change projects within the organization.

On the other hand, Faculta focuses on Consulting and Advisory services. These services have become especially useful for digital transformation projects.

Faculta provides its expert consulting services through which they ensure the success of the change projects by putting together a team of experienced consultants that work to design and deliver the change management activities needed to drive adoption and usage.

When customers are ready and willing to embark in itsinternal change management capability construction, Faculta offers specialized workshops and advisory services to help develop roadmaps to build Change management as a core competency within the organization.

In spite of being a young company, Faculta has consistently grown across various locations including Mexico City, Santiago de Chile, and Madrid Spain, serving the Mexican Republic, Central America, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia, Peru, and Spain. The company has put together an impressive set of tools and services to fulfil its mission. “Our mission is to help companies become more successful by turning change into a competitive advantage,” concludes Konigs.
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Mexico City, Mexico, Santiago Chile and Madrid Spain

Roberto Konigs, Co-Founder and Managing Partner and Victor Romero, Co-Founder and Managing Partner

Faculta enables its clients to comprehend the value of change management and formulate strategies to ensure the successful implementation of change initiatives within organizations. With its successful partnership with PROSCI, the company helps its clients become more successful by turning change into a competitive edge. They facilitate programs for all job roles within the organization, including executives, managers, project managers, and employees. They alsoform change practitioners, responsible of designing and implementing successful change programs. With its widespread outreach across several locations, the company is steering ahead to consolidate its position in the change management arena while focusing on the significance of the human side of change to benefit organizations on the whole